Nooku Bourbon Cream Peppermint


Crafted with the original Nooku Bourbon Cream, Nooku Peppermint is a bourbon cream crafted with Old Elk's premium two year old bourbon whiskey infused with real dairy cream and natural peppermint flavor. Nooku Peppermint has the same smooth, classic taste profile as Nooku original, with a crisp, clean peppermint finish. Nooku (pronounced noo-koo) does not contain any artificial coloring, flavoring or supplemental spirits.

Tasting Notes

Nooku has spicy vanilla and toffee aromas, caramel notes in the flavor, a bold bourbon finish, and fresh peppermint taste. This perfect balance makes Nooku extremely versatile to enjoy simply neat or over ice - but also as an ingredient in hot drinks (think hot chocolate!) cold cocktails, and desserts.

ABV / Proof
17% / 34